Welcome to warface

Welcome to warface
Join the ranks and experience new content every day in Crytek's Free-to-Play FPS, Warface. Compelling gameplay and fast-paced action are waiting for you!
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lead the line into critical areas and overwhelm the enemy by providing a constant flow of ammo to your teammates.


An all-round role providing the firepower to drive their team forward. The Rifleman can resupply ammo to himself and his teammates. They are best suited for close- to medium-range combat.

Starting Gear: Assault Rifle R4A1

Special Actions: Resupply ammunition

Find a vantage point and pick off your enemies from the shadows. Just make sure you keep moving to avoid detection.


Snipers provide long-range support and are deadly accurate. Even though they don't have the additional skills of the other classes, their advantages from distance and highest damage ratio per bullet make them essential to any team.

Starting Gear: Sniper Rifle SVK

Special Actions: Take down critical targets from afar

Heal your teammates to provide endurance against strong enemies. defibrillators can also serve a deadly double purpose.


Being the traditional 'recovery' class, Medics can heal both themselves and their teammates, and can revive allies who have fallen. Their standard weapon is best suited for close-range combat.

Starting Gear: Richmond 770 Shotgun

Special Actions: Heal and revive allies

Use claymores in front of doors or on street corners for an element of surprise. help your teammates survive longer by restoring their armor.


The Engineer is a support class who can restore both their own and their teammates' armor. Engineers can also lay claymores and detonate explosives faster than other classes. The Engineer is best suited for close-to medium-range combat.

Starting Gear: Submachine Gun Z84 MG Special

Actions: Restore armor and plant claymores

Warface offers players four soldier classes with different tactical approaches and advantages: Rifleman, Sniper, Medic, and Engineer.


CRYENGINE-powered Graphics

Warface features intuitive controls and slick gameplay thanks to the power of Crytek's state-of-the-art CRYENGINE. Immersive play is ensured with high quality graphics and the game runs great on low-spec PCs while also scaling for high-end hardware.

GAMEPLAY actions

Warface offers distinctive all-classes abilities which include vaulting obstacles and planting explosives. Players can also slide, allowing for new offensive and defensive play techniques such as XP-boosting slide kills.

Unique team-support actions

Help allies to higher ground and pull them to their feet when they're downed. Individual moves also make for fluid movement in battle as you leap obstacles, slide, and more.

Real-time weapon customization

Adapt your weapons on the go to maximize efficiency on the battlefield. Tweak your gun to perfection with under barrel grenade launchers, advanced scopes, deadly silencers and more!

New world order

Conspiracy, corruption, and chaos


The world of Warface is a fractured one.

A world struggling to emerge from decades of devastation, battered and beaten by the deepest and longest economic freefall in modern history – this recession has affected the strongest national identities and moral ideals.

A gradually smaller percentage of powerful individuals control an increasingly greater percentage of the global wealth. Against threats to its ever more comprehensive interests, 'Late Capitalism' fortifies its ivory tower with walled compounds, weapon systems and the unregulated might of Blackwood.

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Fight in the Balkans (Eastern Europe) and halt Blackwood's weapon acquisition program; counter their expansion into the cities of Asia; take to the favelas of South America to expose their inhuman experiments; and prevent Blackwood exploitation of the oil rich regions in the Middle East.


US General Lee Warton was both respected and feared by his men for his fierce determination in combat - earning him the nickname 'Warface'. Warton has come out of retirement to stand against the corruption and violent profiteering of Blackwood. Hundreds join his rapidly growing movement, named after the general himself.

Warface deploys small teams of experienced and highly specialized infantry operators to strike against Blackwood.



Powerful individuals own the majority of the world's wealth. They assert their will and protect their money through the power of an army unit known as Blackwood – a collection of smaller military forces forged into an effective and ruthless fighting machine by its CEO, Ursula Ellis. Blackwood believes in strength in numbers and supports their troops with mechanized assets - tanks, assault helicopters, and combat mechs.





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