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Christmas Special Triple XP Weekend!
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Christmas Special Triple XP Weekend!

22 DEC 2016 19:00 GMT

In the past we have had double XP events but we wanted to do something special for Christmas. So for those of you who might be able to pull away from the holidays duties, we've put together an exciting triple XP event!

From Friday until Tuesday, everyone who plays any game mode in Warface will earn 200% XP boost together with 150% extra Vendor Points and 100% extra Warface $.

IMPORTANT: note that during the triple XP event, the Christmas break daily Happy Hours will not be active. They'll come back on Tuesday, December 27th.


EU: Friday, December 23rd, 09:00 AM [UTC] – Tuesday, December 27th, 09:00 AM [UTC]
NA: Friday, December 23rd, 04:00 AM [EST] – Tuesday, December 27th, 04:00 AM [EST]


Servers: EU, NA
Modes: Versus, Co-op and Special Ops

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