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EasyAntiCheat is coming to Warface!
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EasyAntiCheat is coming to Warface!

27 JUN 2016 23:00 BST

We're about to take another huge step towards making Warface an even more fun and fair game environment, and here's how we're going to achieve it.

Warface is an FPS game, and as in any competitive FPS title, some people tend to engage in negative behaviour that affects all the other users. To counter that, we have already implemented multiple solutions designed to ensure an optimal (and fair) gameplay experience.

Today, we're proud to announce that EasyAntiCheat will be our next step towards that goal. Here's how it works:

EasyAntiCheat's main feature is that it will run Warface in a sandbox, keeping Warface safe from root cheating mechanisms. What does that mean? Basically, it will prevent any kind of injections and prohibit any modifications to the game client which alter aspects of how the game behaves.

Adding this extra level of security and fairness to Warface also means this: EasyAntiCheat will need to be installed on your machine – a process which requires administrator access. That's the only way to go if you want to be able to play the game under the best possible conditions. You can learn more about how EasyAntiCheat is installed on your machine and what it does for you in our dedicated FAQ.

If you still have questions about EasyAntiCheat, feel free to drop by their website: https://www.easyanticheat.net/.

Warface is always evolving with you in mind, and we hope you'll be happy with our latest step to make sure cheaters never prosper.

The new EasyAntiCheat will be released on 29/06/2016 between 7AM and 9AM [UTC].

The Game servers will not be accessible during this maintenance.

Note: You might encounter EasyAntiCheat blocking programs that you use on a daily basis. We'll be whitelisting more and more applications over time and invite you to share a list of programs you want to see added in this forum thread.

Want to discuss this news? Join us in the forum.

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