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Everybody freeze – our Icebound PvP map is coming!
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Everybody freeze – our Icebound PvP map is coming!

15 DEC 2016 11:00 GMT

Get ready to go below zero and fight for survival on our all-new Icebound Bag and Tag map. The latest battleground to be added to our Bag and Tag roster once again blends free-for-all PvP action with the challenge of collecting dog tags from fallen enemies. You'll need to stay cool to come out on top – but that shouldn't be too hard amid the frozen badlands of Icebound.

Set in Siberia, Icebound is an expansive, moonlit PvP arena with six distinct areas to explore. The center of the map is dominated by a huge satellite scanner that can be activated to reveal the location of rival players, while the five zones on the periphery include a burning forest, an icy shoreline, and a parking lot for snowbound tanks. Each area is suited to a particular kind of battle plan, so choose your class – and your turf – wisely.

With the Northern Lights twinkling above, and the ruins of an old castle sitting pretty at ground level, Icebound is almost the perfect spot for an idyllic yuletide break. Almost. In reality, it's the last place on earth you'll find peace and goodwill this winter. So gear up, and find a way to make sure you're the last soldier standing. We'll be running this map with temporary festive decorations until the New Year, so make merry (and mayhem for your enemies) while you can.

Level designer: Dmitriy Nechay

“Our new map in the icy wilds is set around a military base which houses a scanner with the codename Ice Prophet. When active in test conditions, it will highlight everyone at close range and at the base perimeter, but when its central control panel is activated everyone in range is shown on the radar – but remember, while you can see everyone, everyone can see you too.

The layout has been designed to have easily identifiable landmarks with focal points which will favor different tactics. The frozen lake lends an advantage to snipers, the burnt forest suits long and mid-range hunters, while those who like to get up close and personal with shotguns or lay claymores will want to head to the central areas. The Ice Prophet dominates the map which aids with navigation while the snowy backdrop can make you stand out – move quickly when you're not in cover. There's plenty of different ways to come out on top, so try out different kinds of tactics and experiment with different classes. We hope you enjoy this new map!"

Find a preview of the map in our latest 'What's new in Warface video':

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