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Extra Kredits Christmas Bonus
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Extra Kredits Christmas Bonus

24 DEC 2016 15:00 GMT

For a nice Christmas treat, the Warface HQ has issued a special offer!

Buy any Kredit Pack between now and Monday, December 26th, 9 AM UTC, and you'll receive 25% extra with our Christmas bonus!

You will also benefit from another bonus if it is your first ever Kredits purchase – we're throwing in the iconic and powerful permanent pistol, the Eagle Eye, for free! Want to know more? Check out the details here.

If you've been thinking about topping up your Kredit wallet, this offer is not one you want to miss. Stock up and enjoy your bonus, and all you have to worry about is what to buy, and who to take down first!

Just hit “Buy K" in the game or go to warface.com to enjoy this exclusive offer!

*The actual price might differ depending on the currency and payment method.


24/12/2016, 3:00 PM – 26/12/2016 9 AM [UTC]
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