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July Game Update
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July Game Update

04 JUL 2016 23:00 BST

Raise your game with our fast approaching July update, which introduces a new TDM map, hard hitting guns, Top Dog helmets, and three long-awaited features.

You can't beat Sirius

Based on the popular Domination Mode map, Sirius, we're introducing a new Versus Mode map which we think will be just as big a hit – TDM Sirius. Battle Blackwood on their home turf and prevent them from putting the finishing touches to a weapon of mass destruction pointing squarely at Warface HQ.

The hunt is on!

We'll also be welcoming three new additions to the already diverse Warface arsenal. Medics can say hello to the Fararm LTR6 – a classic sporting shotgun available in both normal and shiny golden forms. This timeless beauty bursts out 670 damage at short range, and can be equipped with Scope and Muzzle attachments.

The Fazil UE3 assault rifle will be your weapon of choice if you want to conquer the battlefield as a Rifleman. Designed and manufactured in Brazil, this is the official weapon of the Brazilian Armed Forces, and excels both in damage and accuracy.

Protect your head!

Be the Top Dog on the front line with our new helmets. Available for all classes, these protective pieces come in blue and red variants for Warface and Blackwood recruits, so you'll get two different designs for the price of one! The helmets increase head protection by 60%, will regenerate health while you're out of combat, and have reduced repair costs. Did we mention you'll also look like the top dog?



Gameplay changes and improvements

As we continue to make Warface even more fun and fair for everyone, we will introduce three exciting new features with our July update.

  • Ping limitation: If a player has a ping higher than a specific figure for a certain amount of seconds, he will now automatically be kicked from the game room. The values vary by game mode and realm, and will be closely monitored by us. We might adjust them in the future to ensure that everyone has the best Warface experience possible.
  • Reconnect to Ranked Games in case of crash: Should you suffer a disconnect or a client crash during a ranked game, you will now be able to reconnect to the same game within the next 3 minutes.
  • Block connection to Versus games that are already in progress: Players won't be able to connect to a PvP Quickplay game after the game session is already running for a particular amount of time. The time constraints are different for every game mode (i.e., the threshold will be higher for longer running modes like Storm).

Bug Fixes and other changes

Improvements for animations, personalized offers, and more – we prepared a detailed overview of all the other changes and bug fixes in the full patch notes, available on our forum.

Maintenance period

To implement the new game update, we will have to perform server maintenance. Therefore, the game will not be available during the following times:

Wednesday, July 6th, 2016, 8:00 AM – 10:00 AM [UTC]

Find out a little more from Cry-Kane in his patch notes rundown:

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