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R39.2 - Hotfix
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R39.2 - Hotfix

04 JAN 2017 11:42 GMT

In order to fix a number of issues, we're going to deploy a hotfix to our game servers on January, 5th.


  • ·Increased damage of the SMG-9 Ares submachine gun to 62 (gold version 63) from 56
  • ·increased clip of the SMG-9 Ares submachine gun to 40 (both versions) from 35
  • ·Fixed several issues on the Hawkrock map (Blitz mode)
  • ·Removed parametric recoil on CCR CQB and Exar-L PDW
  • ·Random boxes are now buyable even when you have an expiration version of an item in question in your inventory
  • ·Fixed a bug where grenades inflicted damage through closed gates

Bug fixes:

Maintenance period

The game will be unavailable in the following time period: January the 5th 2017, 08:00 - 10:00 UTC.

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