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16 DEC 2016 16:00 GMT

It's amazing what you can cram into seven days – check out the highlights from the week in Warface with our trusty round-up.

Say hello to the SMG-9 Ares

This week we revealed that the SMG-9 Ares sub-machine gun will be arriving with our next update. It gives Engineers a firearm that doesn't just look unique, but that also racks up the highest RPM of any weapon in Warface. Take a closer look here.

Your winter masterpieces

You guys responded in style to our call for Winter-themed Warface fan art! We've had some amazing entries already, and if you want to get in on the action (and prizes) you still have until December 23 to submit your masterpieces. Check out what people have been coming up with so far in the forum, and find out the rules of engagement here.

Icebound inbound

Another highlight of our incoming update is Icebound – a Bag and Tag PvP map that plays out in sub-zero Siberia. Expect to encounter frozen lakes, burnt forests, and a functioning radar tower that introduces a new tactical element into the mix. And all this plays out beneath the twinkling Northern Lights. It's beautiful. Until you get shot in the face, obviously. See Icebound here.

Mannequin challenge

We promised that when the Warface YouTube channel hit 30,000 subs we'd celebrate in a fashion determined by you, the community. Well, with the target reached, and the most popular suggestion proving to be a “Warface team mannequin challenge", we had to stand and deliver. Watch the video below and see if we did a convincing impression of people who know how to stay still for more than a few seconds.

Triple threat

Over the weekend, we're tripling – yes tripling – the usual first win bonus rewards across all game modes. The offer is good in every game mode once per day, so you still have plenty of time to reap the rewards. We're also offering as much as 50% off selected Boosters between now and the end of the event – the full details of which you can see right here.

Go4Warface results

As we head into another weekend, let's take a moment to salute the 19 teams who laid it all on the line in last Sunday's weekly Go4Warface tourney. With prize money, Go4 Points, and a place in our elite league up for grabs, it was FTLG. BLACK who rose to the occasion and claimed top spot. See full details of the final and our upcoming competitions here.

A Warface love story

We'd like to take this chance and congratulate two love birds, who met through Warface and finally tied the knot. All the best to *Mrs.Fulgenzia* and *Mr.Fifty.Egy*! The Warface team is wishing you a lifetime of love and happiness.

And that's your week in Warface – have a great weekend and good luck on the battlefield!

Your Warface Team

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