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Three years of Warface – thank you!
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Three years of Warface – thank you!

21 OCT 2016 17:00 BST

Loic Raimond, Live Service Producer, Warface West

"Warface launched in North America, Europe, and Turkey three years ago today, so it's a great time to mark this anniversary by taking a look at where we've come from, a look ahead to where we're going, but most importantly of all, to thank each and every one of you for joining us on this journey, and on the battlefield."

“We've come a long way since we first launched Warface way back in 2013. Today, 36 major game updates later, you can now play over 50 PvP maps in eight game modes and, counting all variations, use over 400 weapons in battle. Development never stops on Warface, and all of your feedback has been crucial in shaping the game, and shaping the future of the game."

“In the last 12 months alone we've rolled out 10 meaty updates to the game, both big and small. New Special Operations like Anubis and Earth Shaker (have you beaten it on Nightmare yet?) have been personal highlights, while new maps like Coliseum and Palace have been amongst our most popular PvE arenas. Along with regular drops of new weapons, items, and achievements, we've constantly looked to improve the game and ecosystem in numerous ways. After the implementation of FairFight and EasyAntiCheat to make the battlefield a fairer place for everyone, we were delighted to officially support Warface as an esport by partnering with ESL, and the competition for weekly and monthly cash prizes has been intense. If you've not yet joined the scene, click here and you can check out all the clan features, including new features we rolled out in August, here."

“To celebrate Warface's video-making community, we launched the Warface Operative Network back in July and have signed up some of the best talent making the most interesting, entertaining, and informative Warface videos. The new Auction House, which allows you to buy and sell items, is proving increasingly popular, while we also recently launched our Crysis-inspired Nanosuits which we're sure you'll have seen in stylish action on the battlefield."

“Looking forward, we've got a big update coming in the form of our new Black Shark Special Operation which will arrive with new weapons, achievements, and a challenging new tower raid. And of course, the development roadmap continues to evolve, guided by your feedback, with plenty more content and improvements to make Warface the very best we can make it. Naturally, we'll continue to support the community in any way that we can. Warface didn't launch perfect. And we know we're not perfect yet. But the work to improve never stops. After a great 12 months where more people are playing Warface than ever before, I'd like to personally thank you for joining us and say how inspired we are by our community, every day."

“See you on the battlefield!"

Michael Khaimzon, Creative Director, Warface Kiev

“Hi guys! From the bottom of my heart I would like to thank all of you for staying with us for all these years! You are the ones that motivate us and give us energy to continue improving Warface. We play the game every day just like you, we read all your comments and suggestions, and even if it seems like your voice is not always heard – trust me, it is. Some issues simply take a lot of time to fix, but we recognize that you have valid complaints and valuable suggestions. I promise that we will do everything that's in our power to address them, and to improve all aspects of the game. We think we're in a good place, and your feedback and the growth in community numbers tells us that we're making great progress. But we know we can always do better, and we'll never rest in our determination to make Warface the best it can be and the game you deserve. Thanks again, and see you in Warface!"

Ulf Kuerschner, Community Manager, Warface West

“Although I've only been Community Manager for less than a year on Warface, it was really a dream to join this team and work for this amazing community. Since I've been here, it's been awesome to see so many of you at events, interact with you on social media, and, of course, join you on the battlefield. Your creativity and passion inspires us and your feedback is essential to shaping the future of the game, so keep it coming!"

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