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2016 Black Shark
Triple First Win Glory
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Triple First Win Glory

14 DEC 2016 09:00 GMT

What's better than a first win bonus? A triple first win bonus!

Between December 14th, 9 AM UTC and December 19th, 9 AM UTC you will receive triple the rewards for your usual first win bonus across all Versus and Co-Op missions!

You can bag the first win bonus for each game mode once per day, so make sure you play all of them and grab the max reward!

Boosters on sale

For the duration of the event we will also have a discount on the following boosters, so pick them up and increase your earnings even more:


Mega Booster Bundle


Mega VIP Booster


VIP Booster


XP Booster


VP Booster


WF$ Booster


Out with the old – in with the new

There will also be a Random Box rotation, giving you the chance to lay your hands on the golden TWM X308 and the shiny golden Fararm ATF 12!


  • Gold TWM X308 Random Box
  • Gold Fararm ATF 12 Random Box
  • Metasoma 83 Random Box


  • CCR CQB Random Box
  • Gold Fararm LTR6 Random Box
  • Gold TWM Random Box

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