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Warface 101: The Medic
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Warface 101: The Medic

21 DEC 2016 16:00 GMT

The Medic is one of the most important classes in Warface and can make the difference between winning and losing for your team. Want to know how to boss the battlefield and swing the fight in your favor? Well, we spoke to our very own Medic expert, Lead Game Programmer Oleg Okhrimenko, to run through some tips and tricks.

What are the strengths of the Medic class?

The Medic is a real threat when it comes to close combat. Although I personally don't play in an offensive style, people usually start to panic when they see a Medic closing in on them at short range, and rightly so!

What are the weaknesses?

Of course, the Medic's weakness is the opposite of their strength – if the enemy spots you at long range you will most likely be dead in a few seconds.

What's the best way to play as a Medic with your team? How can this class best help the team?

The Medic is mostly used as a support class. I always follow closely behind offensive teammates (Riflemen and Engineers) so I'm able to quickly heal and resurrect them. When there is no one to resurrect I can support in other ways: Covering open areas with smoke grenades to disable enemy snipers, watching my team's back, and always being ready to jump into battle when the enemy arrives at close range.

Any tips on how to play on attack?

Stay close to walls, listen out for enemy steps, and when you find your prey close to you, slide under their legs and hit the kill button. Your deadly shotgun will do what needs to be done for you!

And tips on how to play on defense?

The same as in attack, but you shouldn't move. Stay alert, and let the attacker come to you.

What are the most common mistakes you see from people playing as a Medic?

The biggest mistake is being in the front line of attack and trying to be first to fight. Medics should consider resurrections as “kills" and actual kills as a bonus. Playing for the team is key.

What's a good primary weapon and why?

I like all weapons with a high RPM. A pump action shotgun is not usually my choice, since in many game situations you just don't have the time to reload for another kill. But really, the perfect Medic is a Medic that the enemy only sees on the kill log.

How important is using smoke grenades as a Medic?

Smoke grenades are perfect to help you successfully resurrect someone. However, you should always remember that smoke can also indicate to the enemy that you intend to perform a resurrection, so use it wisely. A safe resurrection is best performed by combining smoke grenades, good timing, and suppressing fire from your teammates.

What is a good loadout to maximize the effectiveness of the Medic?

There are so many options, and what you choose will depend on your play style. However, I have refined my personal loadout to the following:

  • PEG Bullpup, although I also played with the VIPER in the last couple of years.
  • Eagle Eye – just because it feels good!
  • Katana – it's effective at pretty long range and has an awesome sound when you arm it. J
  • Three smoke grenades – really, a must for a Medic.
  • One frag grenade – a little present for enemies that are lying in wait around a corner. J
  • A high-range defibrillator/medkit, which gives you additional chances to stay alive when you're resurrecting/healing.

I also choose to go into battle with Warlord items.

Thanks Oleg!

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