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Warface Christmas Sale!
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Warface Christmas Sale!

26 DEC 2016 09:00 GMT

Isn't Christmas supposed to be over already? Not if we have anything to say about it! We've received reports that our troops are weary after having to fight off hordes of long-unseen relatives and digesting all the festive food they were persuaded to eat by their loved ones. This situation requires a swift and effective solution, so, ever willing to please, Warface HQ has ordered more stock that will allow you to start 2017 off with a bang.

Note: This year's Christmas sale is different than the previous ones. We will be discounting different items from the lists below on different days between December 26 th, 2016, and January 2nd, 2017, so you'll need to login to Warface every day to make sure you don't miss that bargain you've been hunting for!

Weapons – direct purchase

The weapons listed below will be discounted by 50%, but not all at the same time – you will need to log in to the game every day to check which are on offer on that day.

  • MS Radek
  • Fazil UE3
  • AR-"GAR"
  • SX-41
  • Anatolia RK-102
  • TT-3000
  • MX4 Storm
  • SN-5G Sarosk
  • B-5000
  • R98B
  • S60B3

Random boxes

The Random Boxes listed below will receive a 20-40% discount during the Christmas sale. However, the exact amount and particular items on sale will vary by day. Make sure you come back every day so you don't miss the chance to save big!

  • Evil Santa Random Boxes
  • Nanosuit Random Boxes
  • Gold R249 Para Random Box
  • T27 Random Box
  • Gold Fararm ATF 12 Random Box
  • Gold Fararm SAT 8 Random Box
  • Gold SMG-9 Ares Random Box
  • Gold EXAR-L PDW Random Box
  • Gold Sae Scout Random Box
  • Gold TWM X308 Random Box
  • AY 226 Random Box
  • Katana Random Box
  • FY-47 Skin Box

Class equipment

Items listed below will be discounted by 30%, but not all at the same time – you will need to login to the game every day to check which are on offer.

  • "Portable" Defibrillator
  • "Plate" Armor Kit
  • "Paramedic" Medkit


The following items will be discounted by 10-15% for the whole duration of the sale.

  • VIP Booster
  • Mega VIP Booster
  • Mega Booster Bundle

Body skins

A selection of Skins will be discounted by a whopping 50% - not on every day of the sale though. Check back each day to see what's on offer!

  • Strike Team Alpha Sniper
  • Rifleman Exosuit "AOS M2"
  • Rifleman of the "Paragon Squad"

Unique items

For the duration of this Christmas sale only we are bringing back these massively useful reset items for your K/D and Win/Lose ratios. Start afresh in the new year!

Unique weapons

Do you recognize these classics? Well, you might be able to get your hands on these unique and sought-after weapons during the sale...:

  • EXAR-H
  • CCR
  • AC7 SMG

When will they appear in the shop? There's only one way to found out - keep your eyes peeled and check the in-game shop every day during the sale. When they turn up in the flash sale, they won't hang around for long so keep checking back throughout each day.

Duration of the sale

EU&TR [CET]: Monday 26th December, 10:00 AM - Monday 2nd January, 10:00 AM
US [EST]: Monday 26th December, 04:00 AM – Monday 2nd January, 04:00 AM

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