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Warface Developer Spotlight
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Warface Developer Spotlight

02 NOV 2016 15:00 GMT

In this month's Developer Spotlight, we meet Lead Level Designer Denis Beregech. Read on to hear his advice on getting into development and how important community feedback is when it comes to creating new levels.

How long have you been working on Warface, and what's your role in the game's development?

I've been working on Warface since the very beginning of the project. I remember when Creative Director Michael Khaimzon came to Kiev with the idea, and we immediately jumped into brainstorming and generating ideas for different levels and modes for our new game. We are still always generating ideas for new levels and missions, but our approach has evolved and improved! Of course, the team has changed and grown since then as well, and many people perform other functions now. That also means I have to do more paperwork now!

What's the secret to doing your job well? What skills do you need?

Simply put, the secret is I love my job! I enjoy looking for interesting ideas on how to design new game levels, so that those levels will hopefully exhilarate players. If you love what you do and put all your heart into it, you will get a unique, interesting, and exciting game in the end. The passion comes through.

When you work on a game that a lot of people play, it is essential to listen to, process, and use the feedback from players to understand what they enjoy in the game and what excites them the most. In truth, it's not always easy. Sometimes the feedback is not that pleasant in regard to both the level and its creator, and that can be quite challenging. But overall, community feedback is absolutely vital to what we do.

What tips would you give people wanting to work in your role?

My tip is to never be afraid of a challenge. In the beginning, any task may seem complex and even beyond reach. But after you start planning how to tackle it and you split an idea into smaller subtasks, the project at hand won't seem so complex and difficult any more. And I like a challenge - after all, that which doesn't kill us, makes us stronger!

What aspects of Warface's ongoing evolution have excited you the most?

From a development point of view, two things have really excited me. The first is the progress of the graphical quality of the game. And the second is the sheer number of people engaged in Warface, as this allows us to develop more large-scale and interesting levels. As a Warface gamer myself, I really like having new maps to play and new modes like Bag and Tag , for instance.

What's your favorite thing about the game?

Two things in the game are of paramount importance to me as a developer. Firstly, the number of players. A lot of people play our game and that number is growing every day. Secondly, my work in creating new worlds (game levels), which is in direct correlation with the number of people playing our game. More players bring more resources for us to use to implement the ideas of the very same players. A cycle, as it were.

What do you like to do when you're not busy developing Warface?

For work, I like to read professional books that help me hone my skills. I also play other games to get inspiration for new ideas while having fun :)

My free time is mostly dedicated to my family. I have two wonderful kids, and I enjoy spending time with them. During winter, I always spend my holidays snowboarding with my friends in the mountains. I love freeriding. Bouldering is another one of my favorite hobbies, and I heartily recommend it to anyone who has a fear of heights but likes overcoming challenges :)

If you could be a Hollywood hero, who would you be and why?

Well, I like adventure and science fiction films… So, I would be either Jack Sparrow or one of Star Trek's Enterprise crew.

What's your style when you play Warface?

I enjoy rushing and attacking the enemy without warning! I find it more fun playing that way, but when I'm playing on a team, I always play more tactically and look to work with my teammates.

Thanks Denis!

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