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Warface now available in Spanish!
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Warface now available in Spanish!

06 OCT 2016 11:50 BST

It's been a pleasure to watch the Warface community in Spanish-speaking countries grow, so today we're delighted to announce that we've rolled out our Spanish language beta. Initially, this will mean we'll have copy in the game localized into Spanish. Depending on feedback and demand we may look to expand Spanish language support to other areas of the game in future, for instance, for voiceovers. There are no current plans for Spanish versions of our Warface HUB and news articles as it stands, but for now, let's take a look at what we have rolled out:

What is localized into Spanish?

  • GFACE Launcher
  • Game (no voice acting, copy only)

What is not currently localized?

  • Game voice acting
  • Warface HUB
  • News articles
  • Customer support

Known issue

  • You might experience an echo effect for the game audio

What do I need to do to play Warface in Spanish?

Simply restart your GFACE Launcher, go to Account Options and pick 'Espanol' under the 'Global Preferences' tab.

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