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Warface Operative Network Round-Up
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Warface Operative Network Round-Up

17 DEC 2016 14:30 GMT

The Warface Operative Network (WON) is a partnership with YouTubers who are dishing out some of the funniest, smartest, and most informative Warface videos on the web. If you've missed out on the action on their channels and our usual social media spots, then check out some choice cuts from the network below. And we've just added three new members – Nerow Gaming HD [EN], Deto Warface [FR], and Albengai [ES] – to our crack entertainment squad so give them a welcome, and if you like 'em, give 'em a sub. Want to get into WON yourself? Get cranking out your own Warface content and maybe you'll get the call…


First up, TheSecondOne gives you the lowdown on the new Steam Launcher, including covering settings, redeem codes, and more.


TEKGT3 gives us a look at our new Hawkrock Blitz mode, plus unveils a new Warface anthem. Check out the killer gameplay and the killer tune!


Check out this awesome highlights video of the F1000 in action as kSquared drops foes in a killstreak master class.

Top 5 Plays: Episode 8

Check out our man Swiss Warface 's amazing Top 5 Plays video for some choice moves and killer moments, straight from the battlefield. Done something awesome? Don't forget to send him your clips, and you could be the star of the next video!

One for the Farmers

Linomaniac is back with a new map review – get the lowdown on TDM_Farm, including those crucial vantage points which will give you the advantage next time you head into battle.

MS Radek Gets Reviewed

Love Warface? Speak German? Want to know about the MS Radek? Get on this video from **[German-Warface]**.

Please welcome our new network members and check out their channels.

Nerow Gaming HD broadcasting in English

Random Box opening is go:

Deto Warface – broadcasting in French

Get an overview of Warface in French:

Albengai – broadcasting in Spanish

Want to change Warface to Spanish language support? Albengai makes it easy:

We're always on the lookout for talent, so if you like what you see and you're inspired to make your own videos, you could receive an invite to join!

Your Warface Team

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